Is the app available to non-clients?

No, in its current version the app is customized to provide reporting metrics based on client specific investments and portfolios.

Is the app available on iPhones?

Currently, the app is only available on iPads. The size of the iPad pairs well with the interface and capabilities of the app, and provides clients the best possible experience.

What if I am a current client, but I don't have an iPad?

In the case where a client would like to utilize the app, but does not have access to an iPad, we ask the client to contact her or his Partners Group representative.

Is it possible for more than one person within the same company to have access to the app?

Yes, while each account is uniquely set-up for an individual person, the same information can be made accessible to multiple employees who require access within an organization. Each contact will see the same profile, investments and documents, but login details will be unique. For additional logins, please contact your Partners Group representative.

Who can I contact for all further questions?

Please address all further inquiries via MyPartnersGroup(at)

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